Tiger Woods Ex-Caddy Says He was Fired Because Woods was Jealous of Adam Scott


It’s been almost three years since Tiger Woods parted ways with caddy Steve Williams, and yet it seems that Williams hasn’t been able to get the incident out of his mind.  According to CBS Sports, Williams is speaking out again, but this time it’s to give the public clarification as to exactly why Woods fired him.

“Adam heard Tiger pulled out and wondered where I was. I phoned Tiger about it and he said, ‘No problem.’ After some thought, though, he didn’t agree with it. Tiger changed his mind. Well, I’d already told Adam I would be there. I wasn’t prepared to ring Adam up and say I can’t do it. I’m a man of my word. I had no idea I was going to get fired over it. I also hadn’t worked a lot. Not that I needed the money, but I wanted to work. I was told (by Tiger) after U.S. Open that I no longer had a job and it’s as simple as that.”

Now that we know the truth, maybe Williams can finally stop talking about the incident. He’s not the first person to get fired from his job for ignoring a direct order from his boss, yet he acts like it.