Tom Brady Says He’s Not Worried About Andrew Luck


Tom Brady has been around long enough and won enough championships that it should be without question that the quarterbacks of opposing teams don’t intimidate him. However, there is no reason that the quarterback from an opposing team should ever scare Brady, as Brady actually faces the defense of the opposing team. USA Today reports that Brady reminded the media that he isn’t at all worried about Colts QB Andrew Luck, since he actually has to compete against the Colts defense in this week’s AFC divisional matchup.

“Truthfully, I’m not worried about the opposing quarterback. I’m thinking about the defense and what I need to do to play against them. I didn’t watch one snap of Indy’s offense, nor will I this week. I’ll be focused on the defense and what we need to do score points, because that’s what my job is.”

Tom Brady is known for his cool demeanor in tough situations. However, I have to think that he’s well aware of Luck’s remarkable comeback victory against the Chiefs this past weekend; especially since the Pats have a plethora of injuries on defense. Either way the matchup between the Colts and Pats has high expectations of epic proportions, and I’m confident neither QB will disappoint viewers.