Tom Brady Takes Shot at Richard Sherman

Tom Brady Gets No High Five

Tom Brady isn’t exactly a fan of Richard Sherman’s WWE promo style from last night’s post game interview. He spoke about it during a weekly radio hit:

“I don’t know him at all. I’ve watched him play. He’s that kind of guy,” Brady said. “So, you know. I approach the game — and I have respect for my opponents. That’s the way our team always plays. We win with graciousness and when we lose, we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that or that’s not their program. The only way to counter that is to beat them. When you don’t win, it’s hard not to say — you just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it. Maybe when you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation. But they got a good team, they played well all year. They played well at home. And that’s why they advanced too.”

This is interesting considering Brady’s coach didn’t exactly take their loss yesterday well by saying Wes Welker took out Aqib Talib on purpose.

Something tells me Sherman will remember this for the next time the Seahawks meet Brady and company. I also wonder if Brady forgot about this:

11 thoughts on “Tom Brady Takes Shot at Richard Sherman

  • Greg, I agree way too misleading. Use Brady in the topic of your article. Only way to get people to read this crap. Take up a new career you’re article means nothing.

  • obviously pro Seahawks write up……..

  • Brady is simply saying show some class. Don’t rub it in your opponents face. As far as you showing Brady yelling at the ref, that has nothing to do with putting down an opponent you just beat. He is yelling at the ref for not calling the interference on Gronk in the end zone that would have resulted in them winning the game . If the ref makes that call, the Patriots would have played Denver in Foxboro, not in Denver

  • So….where was the “shot”? He didn’t take a shot at Sherman, although someone should, he’s a jackass! I have always hated players like him. The guy has all the talent and ability in the world, but chooses to act like a moron. He’s got a future in Pro Wrestling and a Mr T documentary.
    This article is misleading and completely incorrect in regards both Brady’s comments and Belichick. Next time perhaps research your facts instead if getting them off of Twitter!

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