Tom Couglin Says Eli Manning Lost Trust In Giants WR’s


The New York Giants were a mess on offense this season, and were so bad that owner John Mara called the unit “broken.”

During an appearance on WFAN Friday, Coach Tom Coughlin said that Manning “lost an element of trust” with his receivers over the course of the year.

Manning threw a league high 27 interceptions this season, and after many of them, Manning could be seen trying to figure out what exactly went wrong on the play.

Coughlin also had words for Hakeem Nicks, and hinted at why the veteran receiver may not return.

oughlin said the team is scratching its collective head about why Nicks had such a poor season. That probably won’t help Nicks, an impending free agent, return to the team in 2014, but whoever is catching Manning’s passes is going to be charged with doing a better job of being on the same page as Manning.

9 thoughts on “Tom Couglin Says Eli Manning Lost Trust In Giants WR’s

  • Why wwhen white QBs have horrible seasons there’s always an excuse or some reason why they suck or what’s just horrible.

    • First, let’s be real clear. Eli never suggested this. He took the blame all on himself, and never indicated his WRs or the O-Line, or Gilbride or anyone else was to blame. This is Coughlin offering his opinion, and there is some validity to what he says that has nothing to do with Eli being white. When the O-line suffers a season ending IR injury to it’s 4 time pro bowl Guard, who according to Sean O’Hara is the heart and soul of that offensive line, and all the other linemen take their cues from Chris, that’s is a huge loss. Add to that the season ending IR injury to their staring Center, the former 2nd round pick of the 49ers who the Giants pay $8M APY CAP. The backups can’t fill those positions to that level of play — if they could they’d be starting. The results were Eli being hit and sacked more than any time in his career, and a running game almost last in the league. Those aren’t excuses… they’re facts, and if you think a QB should be able to have a good season anyway, or that somehow race has a factor in this, then you need a new dealer.

  • I do not agree with this opinion in this article. the problem is when you run passing plays that require more time then the offensive line gives your QB and WR’S to complete then you are not a smart offensive team. The WR’S are high level players that make plays and can break them at anytime in a game! Maybe calling faster plays and mixing up your offense this problem would not be in this site!

    • You’ve got a point. Gilbride Sr. didn’t make enough adjustments to compensate for a terrible O-line. However, in the end losing two high caliber starters who can’t be adequately replaced is not simply compensated by running quicker routes, or playing small ball. Their line couldn’t sustain blocks and that not only affected Eli and the WRs, but also the running game… almost last in the league. If you can’t run, you can’t play action pass… the Safeties see no reason to play up. Worse yet, the Corners bite on the first WR move, because they know they’ve got help over the top, but more importantly they know Eli doesn’t have time to let the WR make a second move. When Hakeem lost those battles fighting for the ball, those defenders were jumping the routes because they didn’t fear the results of being fooled. Speaking of Hakeem, forget the O-line for a minute… will we ever know what got into him that would cause him to have an off season in a contract year? He seldom fought for balls or laid himself out there for a completion… was it for the same reason he wouldn’t attend OTAs… fear of injury without a big payday to fall back on like Cruz? I don’t know that the 2013 Hakeem Nicks was a high level player who could break one any time in the game… he never reached the end zone this season, so he didn’t break anything.

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