Tony Dungy Spotted on Flight to Detroit (Photo)

Tony Dungy

In this new age with social media, it doesn’t take much for real life situations to go viral and go viral very quickly. Especially when you are someone famous or an entertainer. Given all the hi-tech phones that come out on the daily, it doesn’t take much at all for somebody to get caught out.

Which is how we have come across former Super Bowl winning head coach Tony Dungy. Dungy recently came out and let it be known that he doesn’t plan on returning this season to coach, but heaped praise on how good the Detroit Lions vacancy potentially is. Even going as far to say that would be the job he took if he were to come back.

So nothing concrete, but it makes sense why many people have tried linking Dungy to the job. While I have yet to hear anything concrete, now we have this from a fan on an airplane who just so happened to run into Dungy. The flight? Headed to Detroit.

Still a reach to say Dungy is headed to Detroit for anything related to the Lions, but it is at the very least interesting.