Twitter Search of “Richard Sherman N*gger” Shows Ugly Side of Society


Richard Sherman Erin Andrews

Racism isn’t dead, it just routinely hides behind a computer.

The scary part is the people behind the computer are real people in the real world who you would never know have this type of hate in their heart.

They could be cops, teachers, doctors, waiters, janitors, mechanics and etc. They could be smiling in your face right now and you would never know they really think things like this.


You can read a lot more vile Tweets below. I am want to stress that I believe the majority of people aren’t racist, ignorant, pieces of crap like the man above. But, I want people to understand especially white people, this is why blacks are still sensitive and paranoid about racism in our society.

It isn’t something you just get over.


  1. Richard Sherman loves that we are talking about him…he loves stirring shit up to get publicity and endorsement deals…but he is still a stupid nigger no matter how you slice it. Baboon nosed, nappy headed piece of dogshit…

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