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Twitter Search of “Richard Sherman N*gger” Shows Ugly Side of Society

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2014
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Richard Sherman Erin Andrews

Racism isn’t dead, it just routinely hides behind a computer.

The scary part is the people behind the computer are real people in the real world who you would never know have this type of hate in their heart.

They could be cops, teachers, doctors, waiters, janitors, mechanics and etc. They could be smiling in your face right now and you would never know they really think things like this.


You can read a lot more vile Tweets below. I am want to stress that I believe the majority of people aren’t racist, ignorant, pieces of crap like the man above. But, I want people to understand especially white people, this is why blacks are still sensitive and paranoid about racism in our society.

It isn’t something you just get over.

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  1. Power 2 tha People says:

    Wes Welker takes out Aqib Tablib in a class least act. NBA players dunk on opponents ESPN and Youtubers makes mockery of the opponent. NHL players(which is a predominantly white sport) Gang fight with each other before the game starts. Riley Cooper calls people nigg** and he’s forgiving. But Richard Sherman get emotional after the biggest game of his career and call “STUPID NIGGER”. What I will never understand is the double standard it is between blacks and whites athletes and blacks. Jim Schwartz gets mad a runs down the opponents team’s coach in rage and he’s suppose to be a leader of men. But a professional football player who play to entertain people gets emotional and gets beat down for it. SMH

  2. jimmyt says:

    Unfortunately the word won’t go away until everyone stops using it especially pop icons but it doesn’t matter,as with any “offensive word” something else will take its place, you can’t legislate what people have in their hearts.

  3. Butch McSnutch says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger. The guy is an uncouth richard.

  4. anthonyNtx says:

    The solution is simple.
    When whites get emotional call them out as being uncouth.

  5. nba is fixed says:

    America is terrified of the big loud angry black man! Best believe Fox network and white people all over the country were scared when Richard Sherman (Stanford alum) trashed talked on tv next to America’s sweetheart Erin Andrews. I’m glad Erin Andrews didn’t play the role of little white girl scared of angry black man with dreads. She was professional, unlike the Fox Netwok executives!

  6. Richard says:

    This is a NIGGER, black men all over should be hanging there heads and wondering where they went wrong.

  7. Deleted word says:

    I think everyone needs to go back and watch the interview. Sherman calls Crabtree a nigger. Watch it at the start of the second rant. “Nigger Crabtree…” The NFL of course deleted the word through quick editing in the booth. You can clearly see he says it though. Or is he calling Erin Andrews a nigger? I don’t think so because there isn’t enough of a pause between the words.

  8. Doug Irwin says:

    Yes, this is a true example of a NIGER (An ignorant person) and the way Richard Sherman acted is best case enactment of a “Niger” . He could be white or black, but the feelings of Richard Sherman could not be hidden, he acted toward whites as is socially accepted now, as was slavery 100 years ago. Take notice towards the term “100 years ago”, now it is reverse discrimination, and I will not fear saying that Richard Sherman acted like a “Niger”!

  9. cmurray says:

    Richard Sherman proved his point……he is a nigger thug

  10. Toby says:

    Sherman is the son of a janitor and his brother too. both niggers from a janitor did nothing but clean for a living niggers . janitor + sherman = take a guess so why does anyone care about sherman anyway he is a nigger eneogh said

  11. Steve says:

    Richard Sherman has no class. He needs to be pounded! Respect son!


    • WhiteSupremeGirl says:

      You of low intellect monkey, please do us all a favor and get some education. Ignorant people should not be allowed to own computers. Whites are never going to be NIGGERS no matter how many times you call them that,,.it just gives us good giggles that you all get so mad!! It’s like this, and you all need to come to the reality of it all! Racism will never go away, no matter how loud you monkeys yell, kick, scream, or wallow on the floor, no one cares. Racism is alive and well and always will be! You all are a created slave race, in other words, you were created strictly for the purpose of being slaves when creation started, and it’s no different for the niggers of today, you came in this world born of a slave race, and you WILL leave this world as a slave race,..enough said. You all will never see the change you all want in your lifetime, cause it will never happen. But you all keep wishing for that change you all want, because it gives us beautiful white skinned people a good ole chuckle at you alls expense, LOL, funny…go do something productive,,..GET A JOB!!!! Stupid NIGGERS!!! WPWW

    • Matteo says:

      Laquisha, Shaquitha, Tierika, Bluegum, Mississippi high ass, err dumbass, keep on supporting fools like Sherman. It only reinforces the stereotype of niggers like yourself and him.

  13. Matteo says:

    Richard Sherman is 100% NIGGER!

  14. Bobby Pride says:

    Richard Sherman loves that we are talking about him…he loves stirring shit up to get publicity and endorsement deals…but he is still a stupid nigger no matter how you slice it. Baboon nosed, nappy headed piece of dogshit…

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