Unnamed Insiders Says RG3 Alienated His WRs & OL

RG3 Undertaker

“Unnamed Insiders”, not to be confused with Multiple Sources or High Ranking Official. I am sure some there is some truth to all this, but when the person giving the information doesn’t want to go on record, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

According to insiders, Griffin’s public campaign to have the offense altered for him was just the tip of his egotism in his second year. Behind closed doors, Griffin had fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers, and he bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner and influence the franchise’s direction.

Try winning with a quarterback who has alienated his receivers and members of the offensive line. Any head coaching candidate has to be concerned about the locker room bad blood we all saw evidence of this season. Griffin sat on the ground after sacks and no one helped him up.

It appears to me there are just some people within the Redskins organization who don’t like RG3 for various reasons.

But, leaking all this info makes them look like the petty ones, not Griffin.

3 thoughts on “Unnamed Insiders Says RG3 Alienated His WRs & OL

  • Rob Thomas of espn was right about calling him a cornball brotha

  • MOne you can not call him cornball if the WRs and other players didn’t deliver a win for Cousins either. the other players may feel unappreciative because RG gets more media attention. If all the switching around helped to win last year what didn’t happen this year. Shanahan is bitter and still talking. Ikea is still selling seats for him to buy and have a sit down

  • Because player want to vent makes them petty? I don’t think so. RGIII is the childish one. He attempted to make himself look like the man to his teammates and he came out looking like a spoiled jackass. He has the owner’s ear and the rest of the team have the press ear.

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