Vikings Want to Host Super Bowl 52

vikings stadium

Given some of the current talk about the New York Super Bowl this week, it might have been for them to wait to talk about this. The Minnesota Vikings have announced they will pursue a bid for Super Bowl 52. Here is the statement from Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton:

“The Super Bowl is the most watched annual event in the world.  In addition to game attendees, it brings over 100,000 people to the host community for a weeklong celebration,” said Gov. Dayton.  “Hosting the Super Bowl would bring enormous economic benefits to many Minnesota businesses, as well as provide a terrific opportunity to again showcase Minnesota to the world.”

Minneapolis is actually an underrated city in my book and they will have their new dome stadium built by then. However, I can’t imagine the complaining that will take place about people having to go there instead of Tampa or Miami.

One thought on “Vikings Want to Host Super Bowl 52

  • Currently the temperature in New York City is 40 degrees. The temperature in Minnesota is minus 6 degrees. You can forget about the Super Bowl coming to Minnesota! It will never happen!

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