Warren Moon Bought Fake Heat Courtside Seats for $200k

Warren Moon

Warren Moon should have went on Stubhub or Knicks game (celebs get their tickets for free). Instead according to My Fox LA, he was scammed out of some Heat courtside seats.

The NBA and the Miami Heat contacted the FBI about the scam after a man by the name of George French Jones sold NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon four fictional floor seats to Heat games and told Moon’s agent that he could become a 5% minority owner in the Heat basketball team . Jones has also tried to get money out of a Super Bowl champion Patriot player, and an 8 time NFL Pro Bowler.

Moon’s agent wired $200,00 for the tickets to an account at Academy bank in Pasadena but never got the tickets. Moon’s company, Sports 1 Marketing is now suing George French Jones to get his money back, but Jones has disappeared.

Good luck finding Jones or ever getting that money back. He is probably in Costa Rica somewhere. Thanks to Jocks and Stiletto Jill for the story.

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  • Stupid because it is free.

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