Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Crabtree Slapping Sherman? (Video)

Michael Crabtree

Besides THUG what is the one word critics of Richard Sherman are calling him?


Part of having class is good sportsmanship right? Take a look at Sherman and Crabtree Mic’d Up during the NFC Championship game.

Granted, Sherman was rubbing it in Crabtree’s face, but he comes over to him, extends his hand for handshake and says…

“Hell of a game, hell of a game”

Crabtree slaps him in the helmet. If Sherman is bad as people say he is, a fight would have broken out right there, but instead he just walks away.

Maybe, that is why Sherman was so Ric Flair during his post game interviews? If Crabtree just acknowledges the handshake, does Sherman call him a Medicore…ME—D—OKER receiver? I guess we will never know.

But, there are levels to perceived thuggish and classless behavior and hitting someone is above talking trash, but alas that doesn’t fit in with the HOT TAKE does it?