Witnesses: Bama CB Didn’t Resist, Cops Pulled Gun & Pepper Sprayed Him


Well this story just got interesting. On Sunday, news came out that Alabama freshman Tony Brown had been arrested for resisting arrest following the police arriving at the scene of a party. Now witnesses are coming forward saying that he did not resist arrest and fully complied with the officers, yet they pepper-sprayed him in the face and pulled a gun on him anyway. From Al.com:

Jaison Davis, 23 from Atlantasaid Brown was never threatening to the two police officers, who responded to a noise complaint at Campus Way, an off-campus student apartment complex. The party was attended by mostly Alabama track and field team members, Davis and other witnesses said. …

They say Brown and a few other guests turned to leave immediately after officers pulled out the pepper spray. Brown walked approximately 30-40 yards to his car with an officer following behind, they said. The officer walked beside Brown and pepper sprayed Brown in the face as the athlete was complying with the command to leave, said Davis who only briefly met Brown before Saturday night. …

Brown immediately fell to the ground in a fetal position, Davis said, as the officer pulled his gun. The crowd, which had been relatively calm to that point, was more tense after the pepper spray was used and when the gun came out, Davis said.

Sharper said everyone moved away fast when they saw the gun.

So far a copy of the police report has not been provided despite numerous attempts to get it from the TPD by media outlets. Something tells me this isn’t the last we have heard about this story.

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  • More thuggery from the most abusive, untrustworthy and downright abusive gang in the United States. Law enforcement officers in the United States are not heroes, they are a disgrace.

  • Po po roll harder than the Crips or Bloods.

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