Witnesses Say Geno Smith Kicked Out LAX by Cops; Geno Denies It (Video)

Geno Smith

Either way, this isn’t a good look for Young Eugene, Deadspin had a witness to describe the situation.

We were waiting for our flight at LAX to Vegas and were put on standby on Virgin American just like Geno. We were told to get seat assignment at 2:40. Apparently Geno was not on board with that. My friend walked over to discuss seat assignment and Geno was saying to airline ticket agents, “F*ck that, this is bullsh*t.” “Why the f*ck do I have to wait until 2:40.” He would not let it go. He continued to curse and be loud for about 5 minutes. Police were called. They talked for a few minutes and then 3 officers escorted him out of the terminal.

This seems to be backed up by this tweet.


Here is what Geno had to say to TMZ.