Worker Dies in Accident During Baylor Stadium Construction

Worker Dies while working on Baylor's new stadium

According to various media outlets, 55-year-old construction worker Jose Dario Suarez died following an accident during the construction of Baylor’s new stadium. Two construction men, who were working on a pedestrian bridge over a river, were pulled into almost-freezing water when equipment fell from a floating dock. One of the workers removed his harness and was treated at the hospital. Suarez was still attached to the equipment when the divers found his body Tuesday night.

The incident is being treated as an “industrial accident,” the Waco Tribune reported, and is currently under investigation.

[Dallas|NBC Sports]

One thought on “Worker Dies in Accident During Baylor Stadium Construction

  • Don’t forget that several people died during the construction of the 49ers new stadium. Maybe this is God’s way of telling us not to build these massive overpriced football stadiums.

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