WSU Coach Says If He Was Bill Self He Wouldn’t Want to Play Them Either

Gregg MarshallOver the last few years, Wichita State has established itself across the country as one of the best teams in the nation despite being a mid major grouping themselves with teams like Butler, VCU, and Gonzaga. Last year they made it to the Final Four for the first time in school in history and this year they are 14-0 and favored to win the Missouri Valley conference. Still, none of the other two powerhouses in Kansas — Kansas State or Kansas — will put them on their schedule.

Today the head coach of Wichita State, Gregg Marshall, went on “The Jim Rowe Show” to discuss why he thinks these teams won’t schedule them amongst other things.

“It would be great for us and great for the state and maybe the nation to see a game like that,” he said on Rome’s show. “I think the last four years we’ve proven that we’re a pretty good basketball team and I understand why they won’t play us. I mean, they really don’t have a whole lot to gain. They’ve been the big brother for so long, and they just don’t want the little brother, who’s now grown up, to be able to compete with them and maybe win. They don’t want to give up that superiority in the household. If I were them, I wouldn’t play us either. That’s just my honest opinion. I would not play the game, if I were Bill Self or Bruce Weber.”

Even though Marshall can’t get Kansas or Kansas State to play a game outside of their home arenas, he mentioned that he was in discussions with UCONN about a possible home-and-home. The full interview can be listened to here.