Yasiel Puig Hires Driver After Second Arrest for Speeding



Yasiel Puig is stepping up in a big way and doing a very mature, adult thing. According to ESPN, Puig has hired a driver in the wake of two arrests for speeding in 2013. This is a great thing, and other athletes should take this kind of initiative as well. Dodgers President Stan Kasten seems pleased with his all star outfielder’s decision.

“I give him credit for taking that step if nothing else,” Kasten said during a radio appearance on ESPNLA 710.

 “I sat him down myself when that happened and made it clear what we expect of him,” Kasten said. “I said then that, even if he thinks he can get away with it because he’s in Chattanooga, if you ever get to the big leagues, nothing — nothing — is going to escape attention. He brought that up to me today.”

Puig was arrested in Tennessee in April and in Florida in December for reckless driving, but it seems with this decision, he won’t be having these kinds of issues anymore.

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