2 Tennessee Football Players Arrested (Mugshots)


WBIR NBC in Tennessee is reporting that two current Vols football players and a former walk-on were arrested Saturday night for several different offenses after a house party was broken up.

A.J. Johnson, Danny O’Brien and Dontavis Sapp were all listed on the Sheriffs website.

It appears there was a big party at Sapp’s apartment. A large number of people were there. Officers arrived and asked them to turn the music down. They did, but allegedly it was turned back up as the police were leaving.

Sapp and Johnson allegedly argued with the officers. Sapp was arrested on a resisting arrest charge and for supplying alcohol to a minor. Johnson was charged with resisting arrest.

Danny O’Brien was apparently charged with underage consumption.  Tennessee officials released this statement.

“We have very high standards and expectations within our football program at the University of Tennessee, and appropriate action will be taken,” said the statement from coach Butch Jones.