3rd Grade Bball Coach Beats Down Parent (Video)

3rd grade teacher

Just an FYI when you hear the phrase……


and you see a guy hitting his chest like a wrestler, be prepared to fight or something like this will happen.

Not, sure what set him off, but he was arrested after the game.

H/T Next Impulse Sports and BLS

2 thoughts on “3rd Grade Bball Coach Beats Down Parent (Video)

  • If Americans took the Government as serious as we take sports well be so far ahead of everyone else. Just disgust ne how people take sports here in America. It’s great but if I’m not a sports journalist, Coach or player I’m not fighting people over nonsense like this smh.

  • Everybody thinks their child’s gonna be the next Jordan or Deion Sanders and the truth is its one in a million. Instead of teaching kids that sports install leadership skills and integrity, Now a days teach kids that sports is a ME thing and do it for you. Disgust me how some parents scar kids for life dude to athletics.

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