$50K Stolen From Ed Reed’s Car

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Former Ravens, Texans, and Jets S Ed Reed was robbed of $50,000 from his car. Authorities say that someone smashed his window in Houston and grabbed the cash:

Houston police are looking for the person who smashed out a window and stole a bag of cash from the front seat of a car belonging to a former Houston Texan.

Sources say the bag contained $50,000. Reed had gotten the money from a bank down the street and then stopped off at the Bank of America in the 12000 block of Westheimer near the Westpark Tollway.

Police believe Reed was followed.

It really is terrible when someone steals from you. However, why are you rolling around with $50k in cash in your front seat? That is pretty much just asking for someone to notice you right?

Straight cash homie.

4 thoughts on “$50K Stolen From Ed Reed’s Car

  • Horrible grammar.

  • It is obvious someone needed the cash more than Reed did!

  • Disappointed to see this site still can’t release content without errors. I guess dollarnaires can’t afford editors. Oh well.

  • Why would he leave $50k in his car unattended? At put it in the trunk….and if he was followed somebody that knows him or somebody at the bank is in on it

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