9 Tennessee FB Players Arrested at House Party Gone Wrong (Mugshot)

AJ Johnson Danny O'Brien Mugshot

Over the weekend it came out there a couple Tennessee football players were busted at a party with alcohol and weed. Now it turns out that 9 different players were there. Not only was there underage drinking and drug use but a couple players got into scuffles with the cops according to TMZ:

Cops say they went to talk to Sapp … but he was clearly wasted … and they tried to take him into custody. That’s when, cops say, senior linebacker AJ Johnson stepped in … and grabbed a cop by the shoulder, in an effort to keep Sapp from being arrested.

Johnson was “pulled to the ground” by one of the cops who says the football player “continued to resist arrest by pulling away and rolling around.”

Cops say …. another player, 20-year-old defensive lineman Danny O’Brien, was also hammered and combative and was taken into custody “after a brief struggle.”

The party was hosted by Dontavis Sapp. It sounds like this house party went a little differently than the one hosted by Kid n Play.

One thought on “9 Tennessee FB Players Arrested at House Party Gone Wrong (Mugshot)

  • Guys listen up, if you are a college athlete and you get arrested, it will make national news. Your mugshot will be on ESPN, TMZ and blacksportsonline.com. When your future kids google your name, your mugshot and indescretions will appear on the internet FOREVER! Think about that before you do sometihing stupid like these two idiots!

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