Amir Khan Implies Mayweather Afraid to Fight Him

Amir Khan 2

If Amir Khan would just be quiet, he would probably get the fight with Mayweather, but all his yapping might annoy Mayweather to the point he chooses Maidana.

Here are Khan’s latest complaints courtesy of Boxing Scene.

“People say I have no chance and I don’t deserve to be in the ring with Floyd,” Khan told The National. “Why not? Floyd is not the same fighter as he was three or four years ago. That’s why he picks slow fighters, because he doesn’t have the same movement as he used to.”

“If you look at his last three or four fights … all of them are slow, with no footwork, one-dimensional fighters. He cherry picks them, to make himself look good. I’m fast. I’m quick. I have an awkward footwork. Styles make fights, and I will show him style.”

I don’t think anyone is cowering about facing Amir Khan.