Arrest Warrant Issued for Darren Sharper For 2 Rapes in New Orleans

Darren Sharper Miami Rape

Sharper is out on bail awaiting trial in LA for two rapes and it appears he will have to stand trial now for an additional two rapes in New Orleans.

Here are the details according to Channel 6 news in New Orleans.

An arrest warrant was issued for former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper by the New Orleans Police Department.

An arrest warrant was issued for Sharper’s acquaintance, 26-year-old Erik Nunez, on charges of aggravated rapes of two women in New Orleans last September. Sharper and Nunez each face two counts of aggravated rape.

Last week, investigators learned that two women were allegedly sexually assaulted by Sharper in the same apartment the night of Sept. 23. New information uncovered also indicates that Nunez also allegedly raped both women that night at the same location.

Sharper faces life in prison if convicted on the charges. Sharper is being accused of drugging his victims (multiple victims have come forward across the country) and raping them while they were unconscious on impaired.