Awesome ASG Organ Player Found His Job on Craigslist

sir-foster craigslist

Last night during the All-Star Game, the world got introduced to Sir Foster who was killing it with the organ. He played All of the Lights, Southernplayalisticadillamuzik, and I Got 5 On It among other hits. He is actually the organist for the Atlanta Hawks and how he got his job is great. He found it on Craigslist:

I was at work one day, bored out of my mind, not doing anything, and I was on Craigslist, and the Hawks listed the job on Craigslist, and I just answered it. That’s it. The Craigslist link took you to their website that had this long, drawn-out application. I’m at work with three hours to go, so I said, I ain’t got nothing else to do, so I filled it out.

How awesome is that? You never know where you will find opportunity.