Bart Scott Says He’ll Criticize Players Because He Can Kick Their Ass


Bart Scott could be tv gold for CBS Sports and their NFL pregame coverage, or it could all blow up in the networks face.

Either way, Scott is content to just do him.

Bart of course is going to catch a lot of heat for becoming a media guy, because he was the one always leading the mutiny against the media as a captain of the New York Jets. 

Scott was officially named to an analsyt role on CBS’s The NFL Today, and will now be forced into the role of analyzing and harshly critiquing his former peers.

Scott has no worries, and told USA Today that he’s “not scared of anyone,” and “nobody’s going to kick his ass.”

“I’ve got big shoulders, man. I can handle it,” Scott told USA TODAY Sports on Monday, shortly after the network announced he’ll join THE NFL TODAY as an analyst.

“If anybody decides to call me out on it, I’ll be able to back it up, because at the end of the day, the film doesn’t lie. I’m not afraid of anybody. Nobody’s going to kick my ass. I don’t mind saying how it is, and if you play well, I’ll also tell people how you play well.”

Bart Scott has a polarizing personality, and CBS executives seemed intent on pumping some life into the pregame show.

In a statement, CBS chairman Sean McManus said Scott “brings a dynamic personality and unique perspective as a recently retired player providing strong opinions on all the hot-button issues on a weekly basis. We are confident he will continue to bring that perspective and those opinions to THE NFL TODAY.”

Scott is no stranger to the spotlight. His rant to ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after the Jets beat the New England Patriots in a January 2011 playoff game was capped by the two words – “Can’t wait!” – that now serve as something of a catchphrase.