Blake Bortles College Coach Says He’s Not A Franchise QB


Blake Bortles is a good quarterback, and his head coach at Central Florida, George O’Leary, thinks scouts and pundits should be able to accept just that.

O’Leary has seen his share of of great quarterbacks in his day, and he’s in no rush to over-hype or oversell his pupils skill set.  O’Leary told Houston area radio show MaD Radio that he doesn’t see Bortles or any of the other prospects as franchise quarterbacks.

“I think a franchise quarterback comes out once every 10 years, and he came out last year in (Andrew) Luck,” O’Leary said on Houston area radio show MaD Radio. “The ones I see succeed are understudies.”

Bortles completed 68 percent of his passes as a junior for 3,581 yards, 25 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.