Bo Pelini Wrestled an OL Recruit During In-Home Visit


Bo Pelini is known as a pretty intense coach. He is also known for having a really strong relationship with his players despite being seen going nuts on them during games on the sidelines. It looks like he sealed the deal with Tanner Farmer during an in-home visit when he wrestled him. Check out the story per the Omaha World Herald:

I bet you can’t take me down, Pelini joked with Tanner. Farmer hesitated. Pelini is pretty tall and in good shape. But he’s not a wrestler.

Go on, boy, Brian [Farmer, Tanner’s dad] told his son. If he wants to go, go.

You scared to take me down? Pelini said to Tanner.

The strongest player in Nebraska’s 2014 class got Pelini in a hold and lifted him up in the air. There, a potential takedown turned into a big hug between coach and player.

“It was a cool moment,” Brian said.

The incredible thing to me is that Pelini wanted to wrestle a 6’3″ 302-lb offensive lineman. Maybe Pelini has found a new way to bond with players.

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  • If I was a Husker fan, I would want to know why Pelini wasn’t fired? As long as he is head coach, Nebraska will have seven win seasons and eight win seasons. They will not win the Big Ten championship.

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