Brian Shaw: Nuggets Won’t be Reaching out to Andre Miller



The Denver Nuggets are hurting especially at the point guard position with both Nate Robinson and Ty Lawson out injured, but they still won’t be calling Andre Miller.

Miller was suspended earlier last month after he supposedly cursed out head coach Brian Shaw. And according to the Denver Post, Shaw says he has no intention of enlisting his services.

“There won’t be any reaching out from our end,” Shaw said. “I think we’ve operated and done everything that we’re supposed to do. So, if there’s any reaching out that needs to be done I think the reaching out has to come from him to us. But at this point we’re still trying to evaluate the situation. The guys that are here are going to be our concern. That’s something I’ve kind of completely taken myself out of and let whatever happens be dealt with between him, his agent and the front office.”

Looks like Miller is going to have to swallow his pride and offer an apology or continue to wait until the team trades him which looks likelier of the two scenarios.