Brian Shaw Thinks Paul George Is Better Than LeBron


A lot of NBA players are great at one thing, or excel at a regulary practiced specialty.  Only the great ones can get buckets on the offensive end, and then shut down the opposing teams best player.

There are only a handful of special two-way players in the NBA.

Paul George has quickly made himself one of the best in the game.   George can dazzle you on the offensive end of the floor, and then turn around and suck the soul out of your body with lockdown defense.

Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw got to see George up close and personal recently and paid the all star the highest compliment.  Shaw said that “George is the best two-way player in the game hands down.”  Yes that includes LeBron James shaw said.

Here are some via basketball-reference that show the two efficiency for both players.

LeBron vs. George
Player PPG FG% 3P% REB AST STL Off. Rtg. Def. Rtg. Net Rtg.
George 22.4 44.2 37.4 6.4 3.5 1.8 109 95 14
James 26.1 57.3 35.8 6.9 6.6 1.4 121 105 16

Via Basketball-Reference

I don’t know.  George is close, but Bron is still probably far and away better right now on both ends of the floor.

2 thoughts on “Brian Shaw Thinks Paul George Is Better Than LeBron

  • Of course the mothaphuka is going to say that. He used to be an assistant coach for the Pacers and the Heat whipped their ass three straight years in the playoffs so he’s bitter about that. See I don’t mind an opinion but B Shaw should know better than that. He played the game and he’s know damn well Paul George is not even close to being better than Lebron James.

    • Yeah THIS is Quite Absurd Becuz Paul isn’t EVEN BETTER Than KD Though (MFing REAL…) SMDH

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