Broncos Fan with Super Bowl XLVIII Champs Tattoo (Photo)


Getting tattoos to honor your favorite sports team seems to be the new thing for super fans to do. According to ProFootballZone, an avid Broncos fan made a not so wise decision to tattoo a Broncos Super Bowl win prediction on his back, only to learn his lesson the hard way.

Folks it’s ok to have pride in your team, but it’s also even better to make smart decisions. The Broncos losing the Super Bowl in the worst way leaves this man with a very permanent image that means absolutely nothing, except to remind him for the rest of his life that his team completely fell apart at the worst moment.

One thought on “Broncos Fan with Super Bowl XLVIII Champs Tattoo (Photo)

  • Haters gonna hate! Got the tattoo the day before the Super Bowl.

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