BSO: NY Fashion Week Experience With Eagles’ Brad Smith



When BSO caught hold of the Eagles’ receiver on Friday, it wasn’t to discuss x’s and o’s–it was to celebrate and promote his ‘Design for Brad Smith’ competition.

The competition which was launched in January, set out on a mission to find the most innovative, young up & coming menswear designer in the country. Entrants were asked to submit a complete Red Carpet Look, be it in hand or digital sketch form, including fabric swatches. The winner would not only receive a monetary prize, but a showcase of his/her own with Brad Smith during NY’s Fashion Week.

The winner of the much anticipated contest was revealed, along with the final piece on Friday night at The Ainsworth located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. It was truly the clashing of two completely different worlds–fashion and the gridiron met for one night to remember.

The winner was Kassie Haji, a young designer with an extremely bright future ahead of her and here is her winning sketch, as selected by Brad Smith, himself.

design for brad smith sketch


Now, as a sports writer, I would be remiss if I didn’t turn the subject back to sports upon interviewing him. When meeting Smith, what most fascinated me was his opinion on the future and the value of the wildcat offense–Smith also, schooled the masses and cleared up many misconceptions about the gambit:

“Well, I think the wildcat is as normal as any other play in the offense. It’s a run play, run pass play and especially with a lot of the more read option that’s been going on, it’s the same thing just a different guy who’s back there at times. It’s really not what people think it is.”

No one is more sure on this new chapter in the Eagle’s franchise than Smith, who has the utmost fate in Nick Foles and Chip Kelly:

“Nick Foles is  very talented, and he’s very grounded and he can handle everything that’s going on around him and the good thing is he doesn’t have to handle himself, he has a lot of guys around him who believe in him and who believe in each other.”

It was an honor to be apart of NY Fashion Week, bringing a sports angle to the esteemed Week. Special thanks to Brad Smith, Mens Health, Windsor Custom, Intricate Customs, and Destined For Success Management (D4SM).

design for brad smith winner
Winner Kassie Haji and Brad Smith