Buccaneers Unveil New Chrome Helmets (Photo)

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.32.47 AM

Last night, Warren Sapp helped the Tampa Bay Bucs unveil their new enhanced logo and helmets. The organization released the statement to go along.


“This is an exciting day for the entire Buccaneers organization as we begin the process of introducing our new look by revealing an enhanced logo and new helmet design,” Buccaneers co-chairman Edward Glazer said. “The enhanced logo is much larger and portrays a more intimidating presence, while the chrome facemask is the first used by an NFL team. This is the first alteration to our logo and helmet since the previous re-design 17 years ago and we believe it sets the stage for our transition into this new, exciting era of Buccaneers football.”

Cant have a new helmet and not uniforms right? The team also announced that the uniforms will be revealed March 5.