Bucs WR Mike Williams To Be Arraigned For Trespass, Mischief Charges


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After missing the last 10 final games of the season due to a hamstring injury, Tampa Bay Bucs WR Mike Williams has more to worry about than an injury.

From TampaBay.com, Williams is due in court February 24; Williams is being arraigned for trespassing and and charges of criminal mischief. After hearing the charges, Tampa Bay Organization released a statement concerning the situation:

“We have spoken with Mike Williams and the local authorities regarding the charges that have been filed against him,” the Bucs said in a statement issued by director of communications Nelson Luis. “All of our players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high character and moral responsibility that we demand as representatives of the Buccaneers organization.”

These charges are the first since 2010 when he was charged with a DUI, which 2 months later the charges were dropped. Williams also had academic concerns at Syracuse in 2008, he returned in 2009 only to quit the football team later that year in November.

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