Carmelo Caught Peeking at Pretty Young Thing in Memphis Crowd (Video)


Carmelo Anthony Top Forbe's List Of Overpaid NBA Players

There is nothing wrong with checking out the merchandise.

A little window shopping never hurt anyone, I am sure LALA won’t mind. Well, maybe she won’t mind. What are the odds this young lady got a hotel key tonight?

H/T Grizzlam


  1. So because she is a woman at a sporting event and one of the players looks at her that makes her a groupie? And you are saying that just because he looked at her that means she just automatically went to his hotel room with him? Oh right she’s “merchandise”, something to be owned, not a human being. That is really disgusting, Robert. God forbid a woman enjoys sports, that must mean she’s a groupie! I really hope you don’t have daughters!

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