Carmelo Won’t Discuss Free Agency During All-Star Weekend

Charles Barkey says Carmelo Anthony could make the Bulls relevant.

All-Star weekend is a time for NBA players to kick back and relax for a few days.

There are a few media obligations and one of the topics likely to be discussed several times when the players sit down Friday afternoon will be this summers epic free agent class.

Knicks star forward Carmelo Anthony is at the center of the conversation, but Anthony told the New York Post that All Star weekend isn’t the time to discuss free agency, and he won’t discuss it.

“We don’t have time to talk like that,” Anthony said Tuesday after a lengthy Knicks practice, their final such workout before the break. “You guys [media] are going to be there. We don’t have time to just sit down and relax.”

Anthony said the time is for players to kick-back, not discuss playing futures.

“I think All-Star weekend is just a time where you can relax, decompress, kind of reflect on the first half of the season and gear up for the second half of the season,” Anthony said, noting tales of recruiting “as always, as always” are blown out of proportion. “As far as recruiting and things like that, that never happens.”