Chad Johnson Claims He Almost Beat Up Ray Lewis….Twice

Chad Johnson Ochocinco

Ocho always has some interesting stories on Twitter.

Here is one about Ray Lewis courtesy of Pro Football Talk.

“I remember waiting for Ray Lewis outside the locker room after a game for knocking my helmet off unnecessarily,” Johnson wrote. “He went out the side door, Ed Reed had to talk me out of putting these paws on Ray.”

According to Johnson, when the Ravens and Bengals met again later that season, Johnson again tried to fight Lewis, this time before the game.

“2nd time we played the Ravens I caught Ray slipping in pre-game, I stepped to him, he started preaching, I was like the Lord can’t help you,” Johnson wrote. “Long story short Marvin Lewis broke it up and saved Ray from getting beat up in pre-game.”

2 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Claims He Almost Beat Up Ray Lewis….Twice

  • Pitbull vs Chihuahua. Ray would’ve whipped his a**

  • Or stabbed him…

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