Charles Barkley Says Steph Curry Needs To Make Teammates Better

Charles Barkley challenges Stephen Curry.

Charles Barkley has never been shy to express his thoughts.

In Chuck’s latest rant, he expressed his excitement for Stephen Curry on making the all-star game after being snubbed last season. At the same time, Barkley feels Curry has more work to do to reach true super stardom.

“He deserved to make it last year, and I’m glad he made it this year. They have a good, solid team. The maturation of Steph’s game is going to come when he learns to make the players around him better. He does have assists, but not the right kind. There are a lot of very good players in the NBA, but to go from a very good player to an All-Star to a superstar, you have to start making the players around you better. That’s the next maturation process for Steph Curry. He’s a very good player. He’s an All-Star. Now, he has to learn to make the players around him better. You’ll know it when you see it. We’re not seeing it. Kenny knows I’m right. He’ll know it when he sees it. I can’t explain it.”

Curry averages 9.1 assists a game, but there not the type of dimes Barkley wants to see.