Charles Woodson: Retirement Is A Serious Consideration

Woodson, Luck


Unless Oakland starts talking a proper salary, we could have seen Woodson’s last season.

Per NFL:

“If the right numbers don’t come across for myself and from the team standpoint, it’s a serious consideration, at this point, that I could’ve played my last season in the NFL,” Woodson told SiriusXM NFL Radio

“That’s something that I think about. I do plan on playing another year,” Woodson added. “Hopefully something can get done with the Raiders and, if not, I would have to take a hard look at last year being the last one.”

 “When you get past a certain age, it’s no longer about what you do on the field,” Woodson said. “It’s about your age. They look at the age first and then what you do on the field second. There’s no rush for any team to sign a veteran player. It’s not just a Raiders situation. It’s a league-wide deal.”

Woodson will soon be turning 38, which is no small feat in the NFL; With that playing a huge factor, Oakland might be hesitant to offer the money he wants. Personally, it would be great to see him take a back seat and mentor these young WR’s that are coming in on this draft and possibly to the Raiders. Like said, he would be great benefit being a part time player but money always talks.