Chicago, Washington, & New England Want Super Bowl Bids


Now that the NY/NJ Super Bowl came and went without and weather issues during the game, other cold weather cities are circling the wagons and getting ready to make a bid. According to the AP, Chicago, Washington, and New England are all getting in position to make Super Bowl bids:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has already begun lobbying NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for a Super Bowl, while Daniel Snyder and Robert Kraft have spoken up for Washington and New England.

“We want a Super Bowl here, we deserve a Super Bowl here,” Snyder said last fall. “It’s the nation’s capital, it makes all the sense in the world.”

Said Kraft, “We would love one day to hold it. I’m a great supporter of playing this game in all elements.”

The NFL should think long and hard about opening up the biggest event in sports to more cold weather cities and if they are willing to keep tempting fate. They missed a snowstorm in New York by one day and may not get that lucky next time.