Comedian Tells Story How Jeter Stole His Girl At The Club

Derek Jeter RUSH


The ladies love Derek and he obviously loves them back.

It isn’t enough that Jeter is an icon of the sport, but on top of that off the field he’s known for bagging some of the most desirable women in the world. From Mariah Carey to Minka Kelly, the list of ladies who’ve joined the long list of Jeter’s gal pal’s is a lengthy and commendable one.

But now, we may have to seriously consider changing Jeter’s nickname from Mr. November to Mr. Steal yo Girl. Comedy Central writer/comedian/really awesome charitable guy–Rick The Ruler or @Rickonia told an amazing story about the time Jeter left the club with his girl.

The story goes on how he was left stranded because the girl was his ride, and how his credit card gets declined. Hilarious stuff and just adds to Jeter’s legacy.

We salute Jeter.

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  • That was not HIS girl, she is probably EVERYBODY’S girl if you know what I mean.

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