Cris Carter Responds to Doug Baldwin’s Ether (Video)

Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin delivered the ether to ESPN’s Cris Carter last night after winning the Super Bowl. Baldwin was upset at how Carter (and Keyshawn Johnson) were talking about the Seahawks WR core. Now Carter has responded and in short he said “get over it.”

“For one, I never called them pedestrian,” Carter said. “I (said) the reason why they were on the field is because the two starting receivers happened to be hurt. I didn’t make that up. And I’m glad Doug Baldwin — I’m glad they’re playing well.

“But they’re not the only professionals to have someone say on TV, or a coach, that you couldn’t play. I got cut. So they need to get over it.”

The Seahawks have the best talkers and best team in the NFL. Congrats on the Super Bowl.

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  • Cris Carter slept with his teammates’ wives while with the Eagles.

    • What a scumbag move. If you ask him about it today he will blame it on drugs.

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