Darren Sharper Accused of Exposing Penis to 2 Sleeping Women

Darren Sharper Rape

Sharper is also said to have been part of an investigation in 2011 where a woman woke up on his couch and he was standing over her with his penis exposed.

It was also revealed Wednesday that Sharper was part of an investigation in Miami Beach in 2011 involving an incident with two women who were in town on spring break from Georgia.

According to the report, the women had fallen asleep at Sharper’s condo and one of them woke up to find either Sharper or his brother, Jamie, behaving inappropriately and exposing himself.

When she woke up again, she claims either Sharper or his brother was trying to lift her dress, but she slapped his hand away.

Eventually, the women got up to leave the condo and noticed that their panties were “missing.” They later found the underwear laying on the floor by the couch.

Now Sharper is allegedly up to rape, sexual battery or exposing himself in 5 states with 13 different women. The new case filed Wednesday is under investigation currently and the 2011 case has been closed after doctors found no evidence of rape.

Things are not looking good for him.

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