Darren Sharper Allegedly Apologized To Women He Drugged & Raped

Darren Sharper

Sharper is accused of raping 7 women and drugging 11 in multiple states. He is currently charged with two rapes in California.

In Arizona, the police report has come out and one of the women he allegedly raped said that Sharper apologized to them for the sexual assault.

Here are the details courtesy of TMZ.

The Tempe Police Dept. has released the report which was filed in Nov. 2013 after three women claimed the former New Orleans Saints superstar drugged them and raped two of them after a night at the bars in Scottsdale.

According to the report, none of the women remember having sex with Sharper — but they all suspected something happened based on the fact their genitals were sore.

When one of the women was driving Sharper to breakfast the morning after the alleged rape, she claims she confronted him about suspicions he had sex with her and her friend.

The woman says Sharper responded to the allegations — “I don’t really remember, I guess I could have done that, I’m really sorry.”

The women went to the police and their shot glasses tested positive for Ambien.  Sharper has not been charged with a crime in Arizona and the investigation is still ongoing.

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