David Beckham Announces He’s Bringing an MLS Team to Miami

David Beckham


Well it’s official like a whistle, David Beckham is bringing Major League Soccer to Miami.

According to a story via The Guardian, Beckham made the announcement that he has taken up an option to purchase a new MLS franchise at a news conference in Miami today.

Beckham said: “This is an exciting time for myself, my family, my friends and partners, and it is something we are really looking forward to bringing to Miami.”

MLS commissioner Don Garber added: “This is the first time in the modern era that an ex-athlete has joined the ranks of owner. As a player and ambassador for MLS he’s had an amazing impact on our league. He helped motivate champions like Thierry Henry come to the MLS.”

The former L.A Galaxy player also made it know that they intend to provide the funding for the stadium from their own pockets.

On the thorny question of how a stadium would be financed, Beckham says: “We don’t want public funding. We want to fund the stadium ourselves.”

Well this is awesome news, now the people of Miami have another team to ignore…