De La Hoya Says Fans Need Top Rank v Golden Boy War to End


Oscar De La Hoya is fresh out of rehab and the time away must’ve finally opened him up to working with rival Bob Arum and Top Rank promotions.

Here’s what De La Hoya had to say about opening up a bridge for fighters to cross promotions:

“All the animosity, all the bad words that have been going back and forth, there’s no need for it. Boxing is a sport that I dearly love and we’re both adults. Bob Arum did a lot for my career and I greatly appreciate it. I can honestly say that I love the guy because he’s someone who did a lot for my career and really catapulted my career and did a tremendous job in promoting my career. He’s a master at what he does. … I will meet with Bob Arum one day, and I will sit down with him, and I do hope things get worked out and patched up, because that’s what the fans need. The boxing fans want to see all these great fights happen.”

I’ll keep a “believe it when I see it” attitude toward De La Hoya’s comments, but what is intriguing is the timing of this statement. Floyd Mayweather just had to chose between two very average for his May 3rd fight and it seems as though he’s running out of quality opponents. Top Rank would open up a group of good welterweight fighters and even better story lines.

Everyone will rush to think Mayweather v Pacquiao but there’s other intriguing fights that could come from an end to the bickering. Mayweather v Bradley, Donaire v Mares, and Canelo v Martinez, are all fights that can sell big numbers for both promoters.

Until De La Hoya actually sits face to face with Arum this is all just empty words.