Dee Ford Says He’s Better Than Clowney

Dee Ford Better Clowney

Former Auburn Tiger Dee Ford thinks he is the best DE prospect in this draft. In a Sirius XM radio interview he said that he is better than Clowney and compared the former South Carolina star to a “blind dog in a meat market”

“I’m better [than Clowney],” Ford, also a pass-rushing draft prospect, said during the interview. “Let’s put it like this. People like to talk about size all the time. Size is pretty much overrated in my eyes.

“You can look at guys likeRobert Mathis, Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller. These are 6-2 guys and under. People are just looking at the fact that [Clowney] is a physical specimen. Honestly if you watch the film, he plays like a blind dog in a meat market basically.”

Ford’s other point is that he plays with more technique than Clowney and says you can go watch the film if you don’t believe him. That is actually a fair point because one of the biggest knocks on Clowney is his technique and relying on his physical skills to rush the passer.

None of us has any idea if Ford will actually be better than Clowney in the long run but I like that he called him out and put his name on it.

Now he just has to go back it up on the field.