Deron Williams Says He Knows Better Than To Bring Guns To NYC

Nets at Knicks

Any athlete who doesn’t fully know or understand New York’s gun laws after the Plaxico Burress case is setting himself up for failure if something was to ever happen.

If it is true that Raymond Felton waived a gun loaded with armor-piercing bullets around during a Valentine’s Day argument with his estranged wife, than he to is an idiot, and should be dealt with accordingly.

Nets point guard Deron Williams says he’s a handgun enthusiast, but only in other states that he resides.  Williams told the New York Post that common sense prevents him from bringing his weapons to the big apple.

“I got my license to carry in like 26 states, but I’m not bringing my gun to New York City,” Williams said before the Nets practiced at UCLA on Tuesday… “I know better than that.”

Deron couldn’t have put it any better.