Dolphins Flew Trainer To Indy for Combine Then Fired Him

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Even when the Dolphins try to correct a problem, they seem to stumble. Today they fired trainer head athletic trainer Kevin O’Neill who was named in the Wells Report as having been uncooperative with the investigation. It all seems like a justified firing until you find out that they flew him to Indianapolis for the combine only to fire him there. From the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero:

 The Dolphins flew O’Neill to Indianapolis for the NFL combine. And fired him there this afternoon.

At this hour, O’Neill is sitting in his room in Indianapolis. Shocked. Stunned. Upset.

He declined to speak with me when I called.

Even if O’Neill is alleged to have known about the behavior taking place in the locker room, it’s still pretty cold to fly someone out for the combine then fire them.
Cold World Dolphins.