Duke, UNC Hoops Managers Brawl During Annual Game (video)


If the actual showdown between the conference rivals is this intense, then watch out.

Each year Duke and North Carolina let their equipment managers play each other in a game of hoops that normally doesn’t get as intense as the real action.

Last year’s managers game in Cameron Indoor Stadium ended with Duke students storming the court after a buzzer-beater.

Tuesday night, things got real after an UNC mananger smashed a Duke manager in the nose with an elbow.  A scuffle broke out and cooler heads eventually prevailed.

One thought on “Duke, UNC Hoops Managers Brawl During Annual Game (video)

  • Funny how on the Internet this got hardly and response from the usual crowd who likes to use the “hoodlum/thug/ghetto”
    remarks if there was a black dude involved…But it’s white guys so they’re being “passionate” with their playing..LOL!!

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