Dwight Howard Advising Melo on Free Agency

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The only reason you would want to get advice from Dwight Howard is to learn how not handle free agency. I am going to give Carmelo the benefit of the doubt and he is asking Howard what he did wrong (which was almost everything).

I am sure Melo would have preferred these conversations to stay private, but Howard ran his mouth to USA Today.

Howard said he has discussed this fascinating dynamic privately with Anthony on several occasions.

“He has been in the league for a long time,” Howard said about Anthony. “He hasn’t made it to the Finals and at this point in his career he wants to win. You can see it every night when he plays. I know he has to take a lot of shots and all that stuff, but he just wants to win.

“I can’t say (what he’ll do). That’s on him. He’s got to decide. (But) he can’t be what everybody else wants. In this situation, you’ve got to take your heart out of it…So I’d just say for him, take his heart out of it and think with his head and think about business.”

“If you don’t win, you’re not going to get all the (off-court) stuff you want anyway,” Howard said. “I saw that last year (in Los Angeles). I was in the biggest market for the NBA, and we lost, so those (companies) aren’t going to be coming to you for losing.

So it’s moreso about winning, and you’ve got to put yourself in a position to where you’re winning basketball games and you’re having fun doing it. Losing is not fun, and Melo wants to win.”

Reading between the lines it sounds like Howard is telling him to leave New York because being in a big market means nothing if you are losing.

Can’t believe I am saying that, but that is sound advice from Howard.

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  • I bet he also told him, “ay, don’t go play with Kobe. You’re not gonna be happy if you go there. He won’t let you do the Nae Nae in warm ups either.” Stop hating Dwight!

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