Dwight Howard Says He’s Best In NBA, Not Durant or LeBron


If you needed any indication that Dwight Howard was back to his normal confident self, these comments should signal his return to being brash.

Howard statistically is back to being the walking double-double, who can change the game on both ends of the court.  Howard’s been mostly non-controversial until now.

Howard spurned the Friday night all-star parties to get in some work, and according to Thacover2, Howard says he has to believe he’s the best player in the NBA, not Kevin Durant or LeBron James whom he was asked about.

“I know I’m going to get a lot (criticism), but I have to believe in myself as being the best player,” Howard said when asked if James or Durant was the NBA’s best player. “That’s how I think everyone in this room feels. They’re not going to say that this person is better than them. We have to believe that. No matter what the stats say, you have to go on the floor with that kind of mentality. ‘I’m the best player on the floor every night.’

He probably will get killed for the statement, but you have to like his attitude.

On the surface, the comments seem silly and trollish.  But for the Houston Rocketst to have any shot at an NBA title, Howard will have to be the best player on the floor most nights.