Erin Andrews To Host Dancing With the Stars

The Big Lead breaks the news that Fox Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews will be the new co-host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Keep cashing those checks Erin.

erin andrews

4 thoughts on “Erin Andrews To Host Dancing With the Stars

  • ABC fires the older Brooke Burke and hires the younger Erin Andrews. Nothing makes a woman feel less attractive and confident than losing her job to a younger woman. I personally think Brooke is more attractive. Oh well, it’s hollywood, and generally speaking, women who are over forty are tossed aside for younger girls.

    • I agree Brooke is much more attractive. Erin has a big pointy nose and a really annoying voice. The way she says “gut” in those probiotics commercials makes her sound like a truck driver describing his last meal.

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